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harry potter VII

Hello World!
It’s me. Yeah can’t believe it either ;D
Firstly I didn’t know what I should write about but then I surfed a bit in the world wide web and I found something very interesting. Magic? Maybe.

What I’m talking about is this:


Harry Potter and the deathly Hollows. The last Harry Potter. The final battle. Can you need something more? My desire for this movie is maybe just comprehensible if you know how much I adore Harry Potter. Well, over the years I just thought “oh gee… the movies are awful the books are much better”. Of course this doesn’t includes Harry Potter’s amazing soundtrack. Thanks Nicholas Hooper by the way! Really I think a good soundtrack is necessary for a good movie. Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Slumdog Millionaire… what would they be without their fascinating soundtracks?
That’s maybe the reason why I like this trailer so much. Listen to it. Close your eyes and just listen. It’s exciting…amazing. I mean of course I read the book a few times and in my opinion it’s the most exciting novel of the Harry Potter books. Things are happening, and happening and happening. No break. I mean there’s no real point in the book where something good happens without the bad thing following. And you can hear this clearly in the trailer. So many pictures. Action after action.
And when  you’ve listened to the music you should look at the pictures. Most time pictures in movies have no effect if there isn’t any background music. Not in this trailer. The pictures are so enormous. Warner Brothers did a really great job!
I’m so excited bout the movie! Can’t wait till the 18th of November. Of course I will take part in the premiere. Not important if anyone is going with me or not. I will be there, sit in those comfortable seats and look at the giant screen and lose myself in Harry Potter’s world. Sob and laugh, cry and smile… I really hope they won’t mess up this movie like the others…
Definitely I can see this is the best Harry Potter trailer of all!


12.10.10 17:05

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