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Men in Chile are saved!

Hello World

Everything's fine? Well has to be, hsn't it? I mean today the people who have been stucked in Mine San José in Chile are saved! All of them... and everyone's healthy and there were so emotional pictures in the news. The man who hugged his wife and his little son. I think everyone is glad that the men were saved. Nobody would say it doesn't interest me. I mean there had been stucked there since August. No one but the the family members can imagine who it must been if someone of your loved one is under the earth (since August!!!) and first they didn't even know if they're still alive. Then there's a sign, a message. Everyone IS still alive. But then... waiting. Waiting for doin'.

It's really amazing, maybe a wonder. Nobody freaked out there "down under". Respect,really. I'm really suprised. Of course positiv! Like i said, I'm absolutely happy about this happy ending. When does end something happy nowadays? Can't tell the last time...poorly. But I do admire the family members for the braveness. If I was sometime as strong as them I'd be so happy. There's nothing to compare. The fear of loosing them. Always just hoping that they survive. Try not to give up. Really adorable...

I'm sorry I think  I don't find the right words for my feelings for those people but maybe you understand me a bit and I'm sorry I didn't really point how bad it must be...



13.10.10 21:05

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